Since Baltimore is my hometown and I’ve lived there my whole life, it didn’t cross my mind until recently to write about it. I guess because I have access to Baltimore on a daily basis, it doesn’t seem like a “travel destination”, but there are a TON of things to do for anyone- Baltimore native or traveler! I’ve listed my top 5 places to go to or do in Baltimore below.


Top 5 Things to do in Baltimore:

1. Fort McHenry/ Federal Hill – If you come to Baltimore, you need to check out Fort McHenry which was a fort in the War of 1812 that successfully defended off the British Army and inspired Francis Scott Key’s “Star Spangled Banner”. Just a short drive from Fort McHenry is Federal Hill. The actual neighborhood of Fed Hill (what the locals call it) has some great bars and restaurants, but Federal Hill Park has probably the best view of Baltimore and the Inner Harbor. Take the day to check these spots out and when you’re done soaking in the view of Baltimore on top of Fed Hill Park, take the steps down and walk across the street to check out the Inner Harbor (keep in mind that everything is pricey in the Inner Harbor).


The triangle building on the left is the National Aquarium and Fed Hill is on the right.

2. National Aquarium – The National Aquarium, located in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore is a lot of fun for the kids and adults (I still like to check it out!). There are some great exhibits and a few years ago they added on a huge rain forest exhibit that you can  see from the outside. It only takes a couple hours to walk around and enjoy the whole thing which gives you plenty of time to see another great thing Baltimore has to offer!

3. Walters Art Museum – The Walters is located in the Mt. Vernon area of Baltimore and has a large collection of art, plus its free admission. There are four levels in the museum and each level is a different era or theme of art such as Asian, Medieval, Ancient World, etc. When you’re done looking at art, Mt. Vernon is a nice spot to walk around and wander. Across the street from the Walters is the George Peabody Library which is beautiful on the inside and worth the short walk to check it out.

4. Go to an O’s game – If you like baseball then grab a ticket at Camden Yards and watch an Orioles game! Orioles games are so much fun with entertaining games on the Jumbo tron in between innings, trying to get a picture with “The Bird”, and you can’t forget the fan comradery. If you have some time to kill before the game, grab a few drinks at Pickles Pub right outside the stadium and get your fill there because drinks in Oriole Park are expensive -a can of beer runs for $8! I’m not a huge football fan, but if you are and will be visiting Baltimore during football season, you can check out M&T Stadium to watch the Ravens play!

5. Fell’s Point – Fell’s is probably my favorite place to go for a Baltimore night out. Bars are lined up along the cobblestone streets so there’s a bunch of options for food and drinks and it’s a perfect place to go bar hopping. Fell’s Point also has beautifully historic neighborhoods too so before you grab dinner and drinks, walk around the cobblestone streets, window shop the boutiques there, and enjoy!


It’s hard coming up with only Top 5 things to do in Baltimore because there’s a plethora of activities to do and things to see. I’ve included my favorite three restaurants below that are close to the 5 locations above:

  1. Cazbar – offers delicious, Turkish food and one of the absolute favorites in Baltimore! Not too pricey and only a 6 minute walk from the Walters Art Museum too.
  2. Bond Street Social – great spot in Fell’s Point for happy hour with fun dishes that can be shareable (has an awesome brunch menu too!). 
  3. La Scala – serves tasty Italian food located in Little Italy, near Fell’s Point. Can be a little on the pricey side so if you want to get a little dressed up and have scrumptious Italian food, this is the spot. (There are A TON of restaurants in Little Italy, but this is one of my favs.)


If you have any favorites or awesome places that weren’t listed feel free to leave a comment, its much appreciated! ♥


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