A day in Verona

The romantic city of Verona is just a short train ride away from Venice and is home to Romeo and Juliet!

Getting There

I stayed in Venice for a few days and decided to take a day trip to Verona by train. (The train ride only took about an hour and a half). If you’re not staying in Verona and you don’t want to take the train, there is a bus that goes from Venice to Verona also.

Since I’m an early bird and got to Verona around 8 am, I decided to have breakfast and a cappuccino. (I’m not a “coffee person” and don’t particularly care for the taste of it , BUT the cappuccino’s in Italy were really good!!) I sat down at a small pastry shop next to the Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore and had a marmalada brioche (Croissant filled with marmalade). It was one of the best ones I had in Italy and actually ordered another one!


Castelvecchio Bridge

I have an appreciation for architectural details and I loved the arches on top of the pillars along the bridge!


Verona Arena

It’s strange because the Verona arena looks similar to the Colosseum in Rome, but a little smaller. I walked around the outside and enjoyed the park that is next to it, but you can go inside the arena and take a tour!

Casa di Guilietta (House of Juliet)

I knew as soon as I saw the crowd of people gather in the street that I had reached the right place. Juliets house and balcony can be seen by walking through a small covered alley which leads out into a court yard. The whole way from the street to the courtyard I was shuffling through with the rest of the tourists wanting to see the balcony. It felt like we were cattle being herded! If you want to pay a small price, you can go onto the balcony and look out.


Casa di Romeo

Romeo’s house did not get as much attention as Juliets. It was either because it looked like another average house or because people are currently living in it so you can’t go inside.


Regardless, I feel like a trip to Verona wouldn’t be complete without seeing both houses and right across the street from Romeos house are the Scaglier Tombs!

Castel S. Pietro

If you have time, there is a great overlook of Verona by climbing up the stairs to Castel S. Pietro. By the way, it’s not really a castle… or at least doesn’t look like one. It looks more like a large building or hotel that you can’t go in (they were doing construction when I visited), but it’s a great spot to sit on the wall, relax, and take in the view!


Giardino Giusti

My favorite spot I visited in Verona! The luscious, green gardens captured the romance of Verona and was a perfect end before I headed back to Venice. I ordered my tickets online thinking there would be a line full of people, but there were hardly any people in the gardens or the palace! You’re ticket allows you admission to the Giusti Palace and the gardens and its only a few euros!


The inside of Giusti Palace had multiple rooms filled with memorabilia, pictures, and were elaborately decorated like the room pictured above.

After the garden, I went back to the train station to go back to Venice. It was a beautiful day visiting Verona and I’d recommend going on a day trip if you’re staying close by!

If you have any favorites or awesome places that weren’t listed feel free to leave a comment, its much appreciated! 


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