A day in Turin Italy

If you’re short on time, a daytrip to Turin is a great option! I spent a day in Turin before I headed off for the Dolomites and it was such a charming city! Getting around is easy because the train station is pretty close to many of the sites and it’s just an easy, short walk to check them out. Since I was there for only a day I compiled a few things to do in Turin, including trying bicerin (traditional hot drink native to Turin). 


Bicerin is a hot drink with espresso, chocolate, and cream and IT IS DELICIOUS! I’m not a huge fan of coffee, but I figured I had to try this drink while I was in Turin and I’m glad I did! It didn’t have a strong coffee flavor probably because of the chocolate in the drink.

The place to go try bicerin is Caffè Al Bicerin (they’ve been around since 1763)! They serve pastries and goodies that you can enjoy along side your bicerin too.




The day I visited Turin there was an old car show outside of the Royal Palace. It was interesting to see the old cars that were used in Italy (I’m used to seeing old American cars at shows) and there was even an old Buick which I found ironic since that’s from General Motors (American car company). 


Inside Palazzo Reale, there was a beautiful “Ceremonial Staircase” which reminded me of the staircase from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. It was designed from 1862 on the occasion of the accession of Vittorio Emanuele II (the first King of united Italy).




The remaining Palatine Gate is from the Roman Era and was to provide access through the city walls. It’s a short walk from the Palazzo Reale so stop by and check it out.


Since I basically had gelato everyday, I tried a couple gelateria(s) in Turin as I was walking around (yes I had more than 1 gelato for the day I was there- don’t judge). The first place was a gelateria that I saw as I was walking to the bus station to see the Juventus Stadium, Allianz Stadium- if you’re a soccer fan, this is another thing to see in Turin! Anyways, back to gelato- the gelateria was called Modellos and I got 3 different flavors for €3 – Ricotta & Fichi (fig), Zenzera (ginger), and Crema Modello. All three were really good especially the ricotta and fig!

I also stopped by Grom which I saw throughout Italy and figured I’d see what the hype was all about. It was good, but a little more pricey than Modellos. I ended up getting 2 flavors – Pistachio and Torrinchi for 3 euros.


Even though I only spent a day in this beautiful city and didn’t see everything Turin has to offer, I really enjoyed myself here and would come back again!


If you have any favorites or awesome places in Turin feel free to leave a comment, its much appreciated! ♥


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