Florence or said in Italian – Firenze was one of my favorite cities in Italy. There’s an old world charm as you walk through the streets that you don’t find everywhere in Italy. Everything is a relatively short walk and the train station is close to the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore.


Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore

I know there are SO many churches in Italy and you might start getting sick and tired of looking at them, but this church is beautiful to look at inside and out. You can walk up the dome (cupola) to get a close up view of the frescoes inside the dome and a nice view of Florence! In order to be able to go up the dome you need to make a reservation online. The frescoes painted inside the dome are a little morbid, but it captured my attention and was my FAVORITE cupola; I could’ve stared at it for at least another hour! The cupola was frescoed in the 16th century and named the Last Judgement.


The dome isn’t the only thing you can climb up to get a view of Florence, but the bell tower as well. Yes, there are more stairs, but you’re working off that gelato you had for lunch, right? I suggest climbing the bell tower also because it gives you the view of Florence and the dome with it!




Bike riding through Chianti

One activity that I had booked ahead of time was to bike through the Chianti region for the day. We met in the morning and the company drove you out to Castle Guicciardini for a wine and olive oil tasting before your bike ride. Biking through Chianti was exactly what I had pictured it to be – perfect. Even though it was June when I went, it wasn’t that hot since you have the wind to cool you off. After most of the biking was over, a hearty lunch was provided at this nice, small restaurant and then we finished biking the 10 minutes back to the Castle. The total time took about 6.5 hours and I would definitely do it again!! The whole day was fantastic! The bike tour guides were friendly and helpful, the lunch was filling, the wine and olive oil were tasty, and overall it was a great experience filled with memories. I highly recommend reserving your spot with Tuscany Bike Tours.



Castel Guicciardini 

Boboli Gardens

Boboli Gardens are attached to Pitti Palace which holds several exhibits to look at. I decided to walk around the gardens and admire the statues and greenery, but next time I’m definitely going inside Pitti Palace!


Uffizi Gallery

*A little embarrassing, BUT I went to the gallery my last morning before my train to see Michelangelo’s David, which I later found out is at the Galleria dell’ Accademia NOT Uffizi Gallery…. oh well, another reason to go to Florence again! Even though I didn’t see what I came for, Uffizi had some treasures of its own.




One meal I had in Florence that was DELICIOUS was Fettucine al Peposo which is basically beef stew with noodles. I ate this outside at Ristorante Pizzeria l’Daviddino near the duomo and it wasn’t expensive!


I will be back in Florence someday, I even rubbed Porcellino’s nose for good measure!


If you have any favorite places in Florence that weren’t listed feel free to leave a comment, its much appreciated! ♥


Ponte Vecchio


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